FireworksI bring AI, algorithms and computer models to people. I am fascinated about the future of AI and how that fits with helping people live their best lives.

I have over 25 year’s experience of decision support computer systems leading to better roads, more efficient timetables, more profitable steel companies, and more enjoyable AI opponents in games.

My previous work has led indirectly to increasing the sum of human happiness (through jobs, reduced environmental impact, economic growth). Now I wish to devote my time and talents to more directly taking on the question: “How can we use AI, games and creativity empower human happiness and fulfilment?”

I am particularly interested in two areas:

  • AI and the future of life – what AI would we want to build if we seek “more happiness” rather than “more profits” or “more voters”?
  • AI and the potential of games and media – how can we use games and media to help people understand and achieve their own personal (happiness) goals. I was principal investigator for large consortia that won over £40 million in research funding to investigate these areas (including IGGI and DC Labs).